Institute of Mimetic Sciences

Institute of Mimetic Sciences Inc.


  • Founders: R. Neil Bishop, Rolf Wessel, Robby Garner circa 2000
  • CEO Robby Garner
  • CFO and Secretary Sara Self Garner

Artificial Intelligence API's and Tool Kits allow us to take advantage of the kinds of brute force max/min solutions that are leveraged by us to produce art based on science and math. Our media are sound and text. We rarely combine the two. But in general, our projects center on the sound of the music, and the meaning and content of the text.


to imitate human behavior with computers.
Computational Behaviorism.

Robby Garner and Dr. Hugh Loebner, June 2002. See Blather article How I Failed The Turing Test Without Even Being There.

Dr. David C. Hamill and Robby Garner circa 1998. Photo by Lynne Hamill.


We are helping to build the kinds of droids that you see in the movies. We want that to be real.


We work in tandem with people from all over the world. We are open and available anywhere. But we are based in Cedartown Georgia USA.

Institute of Mimetic Sciences is a non-profit corporation dedicated to research and development for the imitation of human behavior in machines. Our members are multidisciplinary artists, scientists, engineers, and theorists. We believe that machine performances may be built one aspect at a time, rather than wait for some general theory or "singularity" to occur.

Sara Garner CFO

In cinema, suspension of disbelief happens when a person is watching a movie and they forget that it is not real. When talking to a chat bot, the bot does not deceive; the people let themselves forget it is a computer program. (If they are among the few people this actually happens to.) When people go to the cinema and they enjoy it, they may know the whole time that it is made by a movie studio, but from time to time, they may find themselves forgetting about the machinery, and focusing on the story, the dialogue, and the characters. Sometimes something similar happens with chatbots.

2005 Colloquium
University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, 2005 Colloquium on Conversational Systems


Video Lectures

Applied Technologies

  • Have a Chat with Sandra the experimental LEX bot. This is part of our proof of concept for phase2: Pocket Pen Pal

  • Sandra is modelled after a twenty something year old human being who could be subscribed to Instagram or something like that. To get the full experience, engage the conversation as if you are just meeting someone who texted you, asking for a chat with you.

  • For Java Programmers, check out the Sapphire Chat Bot. Based on JFRED/EARL all included. Works in Windows, linux, Mac OS X. A very good verbal behavior model.

  • Coyo Zuma-Shōjin pyFRED
  • Robitron Software
    • DocuFlex User's Manual Synthesizer (Pascal / C++) NASA, Raytheon, TRW
    • Probate and Traffic Court Docket with Encumberance Accounting, various permits and periodic reports.
    • Utilities Billing with HandHeld Interrogators
  • Flux Oersted Music Psychoacoustic Recordings
  • EllaZ Systems Artful Intelligence

The Institute of Mimetic Sciences is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Georgia corporation.

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