JFRED Chat Server

An extensible java package for making directed conversation via text. Use JFRED to produce computer personalities like S.A.R.A.H. from EUREKA, on the SyFy Channel, or like HAL 9000 from the movie, 2001 A Space Odyssey. Your imagination is the limit. As seen in Annie Dorsen's "Hello Hi There."

Recent Events

Robby Garner and JFRED recently participated in the Royal Society Turing Test Event held in London on June 7th, as one of the 5 competitors invited this year. Read more in the Turing2014 Blog

View Robby Garner's raw JFRED log files from the Royal Society Turing Test Event on June 7th, 2014.

JFRED was developed by Robby Garner and Paco Xander Nathan, with contributions by Søren Gjellerup Christiansen. The acronym "JFRED" refers to Java-based FRED Response Emulation Devices. The software platform developed around the deployment of Barry DeFacto, a personality built first as a C++ CGI program, but then re-designed as a Java web server, and eventually as a tiny applet. JFRED requires Java JDK 1.6 and is released as an Open Source project under the GNU Public License.

Overall, JFRED provides a natural language interface for Internet software that can be described as:

The server supports a variety of front-end/client interfaces, including direct telnet, HTML/Servlet forms, Expect scripts, MOO bots, and Java applets embedded in HTML pages, as well as standard I/O for testing.

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