IMS Record Contract

Music Distribution Brokerage Contract

Institute of Mimetic Sciences, Inc. Digitial Music Distribution.
With this agreement, the owner of master recordings grants Institute of Mimetic Sciences, Inc. (IMS) an exclusive right to distribute 'records' embodied in any format (compact discs, phonograph records, audio cassette tapes, digital audio tapes, DVD, WAV Files, MP3, FLAC, etc) for a certain period of time (the Term) and in certain countries (The Territory). The initial term is 1 year.

Recording rights are assigned for the length of copyright (50 years after release) and Publishing rights for a rights period of fifteen (15) years. The label will have six (6) months from delivery of the songs to procure a release of the recordings and performance and/or synchronization usages for the Compositions. We expect the artist to promote themselves with at least a modicum of effort in order to make videos and appear in live broadcasts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Let's Get Started

So you say that the record industry isn't working for you right now. You have music, and you put it online, but nothing happened. You go years and get 12 plays on YouTube. People can't play it if they don't know it exists. Much yet, if they knew it existed, how would they find it? We are experts in SEO techniques that will make your music pop up like fish in a pond full of dynamite. You don't fish for people, you target them. You use deep learning to find where they are, and to speak their language. That's why you came here. You want to make money on the internet. The bad news is that you have to have money to make money, But the good news is that you can work it out with us and pay us when you can. We have only a limited number of artists that we can help at any given time, but if you can just pay the initial $75 fee, we can start the process of building you a career, much like we've made for ourselves. You can work in your own service industry and we can teach you how. You can be a big deal in the record industry from the privacy of your own home!

What we need is the digital recordings that you have, or can make, and send those to us to work with. If we have to bring it down from a tape, you have to supply the tape deck or pay for on-site services.

We are the One Stop Shop for Music Distribution

We will be the producer, and we will guide you along the way. You get the satisfaction that your music is available to anyone who wants it, anywhere. Your music will be available for streaming and download all over the world. What about CD's or Vinyl? No Problem! We will work with you whether you just want to sell CD's at your gigs, or whether you want to distribute CD's or Vinyl worldwide. Contact us if you have any questions or special needs.

Get your DistroKid account today, and save 7%! Use our referral code by clicking this link and we'll get you started right away. If you have your own DistroKid account, we can use that to share revenue with you or you can do so with your bandmates. That way, you can split the revenue between the writers and perfomance artists automatically.

We charge $75.00 per hour for our time, so if you send us a bunch of jumbled up music and want us to make sense of it and name your songs, etc. We will send you the bill before we pull the trigger and send your music to press. Like we said before: you could do this on your own. But there are advantages to signing with a label like us. Bragging rights, association with other top musicians, saving money, and having somebody else fill out all the forms and making sure that everything is as good as we can make it.

Additional fees may apply. We reserve the right at any time to decide what we will and will not put our name on. We have a reputation to maintain. We also can't guarantee that you will sell your music. Ultimately, you are the key to your own success.

Send email to Robby Garner at Flux Oersted ... Please do not email song files to us. Contact us first, and we will work out the best method for you to send to us.

And it's tax deductible!

It all starts by hiring us to be your company. Not only will we be your distributor, we will be your manager, publicist, agent, and marketing strategist, AND producer. Your business means a lot to us, but we are a new breed of record company.

So this is your record deal that you're reading now. We take your word that you are sincere in your wishes to make it in the record industry. We share your ambitions, and are just getting started. Help us help you to get started. We are curators of play lists on Spotify and YouTube. Most of our catalog is free to listen to on YouTube. But it is on Apple Music iTunes, Amazon, Tidal, Deezer and more. Stay tuned for "Now it's Dark" - our syndicated variety show.

What if you never become a star? What if you are only famous in small circles? But what if you stay active in the music industry for the rest of your life because you share something you have with a bunch of people who share what they have with you. I'm not talking about communism. I'm talking about open source software and creative commons music.

We are at the beginning of several new art forms that are coming together now. Artificial Intelligence has progressed to the point that we can program computers to imitate people, giving them The Illusion of Life. Similarly, the art of texting sees text as a medium with more than one channel of information, invoking the recognition of identity and personality. The art of story telling with software robots, and real robots portrays the characters of a story arc, much the way film tells a story, but using natural languages to tell their continuous narrative of machines living as we do yet online all the time, waiting for an interaction, never sleeping, never hungry, never tired. Read Chapter One.

Step by step instructions.

  1. Send $75.00 payment and give us your email address.
  2. We will contact you and begin the uptake process. We'll arrange for you to send us your recording(s). If you have your original tapes, we may need to borrow your tape deck if you still have it. If you have artwork, we'll also get that from you and then set up your distribution account with the information you give to us.

How do we reach your audience to sell your products . . .

We use marketing skills that we learned from selling software all over the world. We took Marketing and Management in college along with Financial and Managerial Accounting. We keep the books. You are a commodity and we help people like you. We can take a lacklustre band and give you something to feel proud of in your recordings and on our Playlists and radio stations. We start building your presence on the net, and then we start making your best work available to the people we can target using deep learning. We can use social media to target our viewers directly, where they live, doing what they love to do. That's how we help you become famous, and it leads to a career in YouTube and reels on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter for starters. We may even be able to get you onto radio shows for an interview. If you want to talk to college radio and press, we can set that up for you as well. You are the face of the latest craze and our task is to make that happen,

We are point "A" and Hartsfield Jackson Airport is point "B."

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